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Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, who lost his life on May 25, 1983 and spent a long period of his life making jihad calls and preparing tailor-made writings, is known to all circles that he reproached the governments when he was paid by the governments he witnessed and even could not receive his salary in some periods.

Kısakürek, who is considered to be the ‘elder’ of the Islamic circles acting on the orders of the USA to undermine the rising working class and youth movements in the social processes that he witnessed, has been one of the indispensable hitmen of the political powers that opened the doors of the country to the USA.

– In the letter that begins with “Dear Sir”, he demands that the General Director of Police be given the necessary instructions regarding the prosecutions, that he be admitted to the presence and assistance be given to him.

“I got 2500 liras from Undersecretary and the answer” Let’s see if you can get the magazine and then let’s help “. For the first time, I feel like a disbelief. Do I take the money and take out the magazine or take it out and take an improper direction? I am a man who has risked everything for your sake, has always produced the perfect work and has been through so much experience and exasperation. My person, my heart and my pen are above all kinds of guarantees.

Governments and regimes pour their wealth and blessings on those who do what I do. Against all this, 15 thousand liras of damage has been distorted and I am crawling alone against many more intentions and sabotage. For weeks, I have been struggling in this cell and reclusive hotel in Ankara, in a crisis of insanity. All I want is to supply 20 thousand liras with a few thousand hike to the damage. After all this success, this state of affairs and the disappointment I fell into could cost my life. (…) The decision whether to be about Necip or not should be made in a way that will save you from sadness and this should be completed. I am determined and willing to do anything. “

“I am sick. I’m sweet I am also about to go crazy. The whole hospital hurts me. In this case, the prolongation of the order means that I will be left to death and insanity. If something happens to me, how will he give an account against Allah, the Turkish Nation and those who say “God is one”. I swear on the omnipotent that I do not lie, do not exaggerate, play a role, or do literature. “

“If 10 thousand liras are given for my advertising and other needs … If 6 thousand liras is allocated per month … I will create a great social and literary, ideological, constructive, political and heart-penetrating magazine that will refute all opposition printing with pure ideas with magazines such as Akis, Kim, Form. can be assured. If this does not happen, there will be no other job than to set up me, who has not been helped for six months, under a certain amount every month until my day of duty, and to leave to write only prayers and abusive works if you drink tears. “

On March 22, 1951, Istanbul police raided the apartment number 14 in Taksim Pire Mehmet Street. The head of the raid was Kemal Aygün, the Istanbul Police Chief at the time. The casino in the basement, which has an entrance and a back door, is secured by police officers, and one of the officers knocks on the front door. As soon as the small window above the door is opened, the man who realizes that they have been subjected to a police raid, runs away with a shout. After about 10 minutes of resistance, they are forced to open the door.

Entering the police captures nineteen people waiting at the baccarat table in a large hall. Among those caught are the famous woman salesman driver Zurnik, who could not be caught despite being searched for months, the owners of the casino Seyfi and Fevzi Feyzi Gürel brothers Mehmet Şakir Özkan and Mustafa Akşar, Vasil, Ligor Karabaşoğlu, Burhanettin Su and Fahri Kutbay, whose surname could not be determined. Among those caught is Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, owner and editor-in-chief of Büyük Doğu Magazine.

Kısakürek asked the journalists, “What were you doing here?” “I came here to interview; “I was going to write news against gambling.” Just as journalists do not believe, the police also do not. After about 18 hours of detention, Necip Fazıl was released with a fine of 30 Turkish lira.

This is the reality of Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, who is defended without any reservation by the AKP staff by saying “Our Value”, and who is treated so immorally by most social democratic politicians that he is brought side by side with the communist poet Nâzım Hikmet. Necip Fazıl is a foreigner to this country. Necip Fazıl is also a stranger to his own defense. Necip Fazıl is the poet of the fee to be allocated.

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