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I am married to rkdsm, my wife has been drinking for 6 years.I learned that after marriage, I learned that every day she was coming home unconsciously, she was coming home like a zombie, my marriage started to deteriorate, I was married for a year and I was married for a year, I have been struggling since the second month of my marriage and my wife was disappearing every day. he started not to wear me one day, I found the place where he kept his drink.It was like a green weed.I have never seen it before in my life, maybe it was marijuana.I bought it to give a lesson to my wife and I filled the cigarette saying that it was long and I got 3 smoke in front of his eye and my brain fell asleep for 2 minutes. I will not be able to read the words. I did not know how I made a life. My birth day has been exactly 7 weeks and I still live like this death tribune.

Friends, I am 35 years old, I live in Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa, I have been using bonzai for the last 3-4 years, some friends wrote above did not react in this way, now when you drink, the effects on me are eating at home (I gained 20 kg) then you vomit it and sleep until you recover (like dead) it has effects on me. Today I quit this illness on the 3rd day, but the effects are still continuing at almost 03; 00 of the night but I still have no sleep, sweating from time to time (naturally, the body is throwing this dirt through sweat) It continues, but I will definitely not drink it again And believe in yourself, you will realize that it is easier when you turn to worship God. Help God be, if you see a person who loses himself in a bonzai tribune (bad trip) in a corner, drink water if it is the only benefit, that is, WATER helps in removing the dirt from the body through urine and sweating. you would be

My nickname on the panic-attack forum was cold badtribe I have been experiencing anxiety or depression for 1 month, let’s help each other if there are similar things, especially a 24-year-old lady who wrote 2 months ago, can you give information about your process? I am not a user.

I’ve never had bonzai. But I had a bad experience with cannabis. I used cannabis for four years and mostly bong. Last we had to change city. I haven’t drunk for a few months. From time to time, when I went to my old city and stayed for a week or so, I drank it every day. And I would pull it so much that there would be 6 chips. In the third, my friends would sleep, I would finish them all by myself, coming to the gas with the music.

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