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The figure of $ 46.8 billion comes from 331 deals where valuations were announced; Only 15% of transactions publicly disclose financial terms. Google and Facebook each

The growth of Facebook Pages continues to accelerate, as the social media network has shown that it has passed the 15 million milestone today. Update: Facebook spokesperson made it clear that the 15 million figure is specifically for local businesses. This figure, announced by Dan Levy, Facebook’s Small Business Director, at the Borrell Associates Local Online Advertising Conference in New York, rose to 13 million in December. This is an impressive increase and the company’s understated

Today, at Facebook’s News Feed redesign, the company announced the launch of new posts focusing on specific verticals, including an “All Friends” post highlighting the content of all your friends; a “Music” broadcast that includes both the music your friends listen to and relevant updates from your favorite musicians; a “Follow” feed that offers an easy way to follow the users you follow; and a “Photos” feed. Facebook Technical Lead Chris Struhar, during the event

Today, Facebook announced the latest update for its News Feed feature, something that its CEO Mark Zuckeberg says helps you see and feel things of interest to users. He believes it should be like a personalized newspaper that allows users not only to give them the best stories in the news, but also to give socially relevant and local content to friends and families around you. New design focus on visual design

Facebook buys the team behind the community story sharing service Storylane, CEO Jonathan Gheller said in a post on the site today. This takeover, first noted by GigaOm, is not the product of the team behind the newly released Storylane, but his own. Storylane, personal bl

After the revamped News Feed was announced on Thursday, Facebook on Friday announced new ways to leverage Open Graph actions in developers’ “lifestyle” apps. The company classifies four types of content under this term: fitness, books, movies, and TV, all received new verbs. Facebook, months of popular action

Twitter and Facebook are reputable social media properties, each of which has proven to remain prominent in the past years. Regardless of when you join, the services have shown that they can remain both relevant and tacky throughout adolescence and product maturity. Facebook is open to everyone and

If you’ve been online today, you’ve probably already heard the news: Facebook announced a completely redesigned News Feed, a completely redesigned News Feed with larger images, a mobile-inspired design consistent across devices, and exclusive feeds focused on music, photos, games, people follow and all your friends. We know. A mouthful

Ahead of its event on SXSW today, Facebook’s platform team shared a number of new statistics, including the “back to Facebook” postings of over 400 billion Open Chart transactions since this month.

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