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In this period when casino games are so fashionable and people are very interested, there is a great interest in casinos, as we call it, casinos. We constantly see casinos in TV series, movies, documentaries and social media. The closest and most reasonable casino option to us is in Cyprus. Cyprus is truly a country of gambling. Casinos are very luxurious and high quality. 5 star hotels have casinos. It appeals to all kinds of segments. But when we think of the whole world, there are much better gambling cities and much better casinos than Cyprus. In this article, I would like to talk about which are the Biggest Casinos in the World. Although it is a dream to play in some of them, they do not have places to visit and see. In this article, I will give examples from my own experiences and observations, and we will talk about the best casinos in the world and the best known casinos in the world.

When we say casino and gambling, the first thing that comes to mind is Las Vegas, America. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” meaning “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” has entered our lives and language with popular culture. Gambling is not legal in every state in America. It is possible to see casinos in just a few places. Atlantic City and Las Vegas are the most important of these. Vegas comes to mind first in the world when it comes to gambling. But actually that’s not exactly the case. There are also very beautiful and high quality casinos in the capitals of Europe. We will talk about these. But more importantly, there is another point I want to draw attention to. Whether it is sports betting or casino games, gambling in the Far East is the place where the world is played at the fastest and highest levels. In fact, we can say that the gambling industry is in the Far East. China and Singapore are the first examples that come to mind. casinos were closed in Turkey, it was still continuing, I wonder if our country at the world-famous casinos, casinos can not help thinking, would it be.

When I say the Biggest Casinos in the World, I will start with Bellagio Casino. Located in Las Vegas, this casino is also a very luxurious hotel. One night stay starts from 1500TL. In addition, a feature that makes this hotel’s casino famous is its food. The casino has a very good team of chefs including world famous chefs. Architecturally, they also built an artificial lake, taking the Como lake as an example. The hotel has approximately 4000 rooms in total. It would be a shame not to mention The Cosmopolitan while coming to Vegas. One of Vegas’ most famous casinos. The location is amazing. I guess there is no place at a more advanced level in terms of technology. You can join the table even from your phone. Special software and applications are available. It is also possible to see people of all nationalities and ages in the casino, which has a 9300 square meter playground. In addition, Vegas Casino, named after Vegas, is among the best casino sites in the world.

When we come to London, the capital of England, Ritz Casino Club welcomes us. What makes this place different is its quality and the class difference it creates. The place has an air of old movies. It also challenges history with a unique architecture. The Ritz Casino is not a place you can enter while passing by. Imagine a place serving exclusive members only and where everyone inside is both very stylish and very wealthy. In short, the Ritz Casino Club is literally a community venue. Even being here is a sign of status.

It’s time for the island country. I am talking about Ibiza, a paradise bound to Spain. Which one of us did not visit Acun Firarda on the streets of Ibiza. Now is the time to enter their casino. Calling it a casino here would actually be an insult. The casino is located in Ibiza, inside the Ibiza Gran Hotel. It’s a life center. A place where you can go with your family and friends. It has everything you might need inside. Entertainment facilities, spa, massage… A very different concept awaits us at the island casino. If you consider staying at the hotel, the price of one person per night starts from 1700 TL.

Let’s stop by France as we are advancing from Europe. There is one of the best in the world, one of the most famous. Monte Carlo Casino. I am sure that when you see the photos, you will say that I have seen this place before. Because Monte Carlo Casino, one of the oldest casinos in the world, appeared in many movies and series. We have seen this place many times, especially in James Bond movies. Built in 1863, the Casino is still considered an important icon in the world.

Finally, let’s talk about some of the famous casinos in the far east. China is also very successful in this area. Wynn Macau casino is a very luxurious and famous casino in the south of China. There is everything you can think of in a casino owned by an American businessman. The most expensive products of world famous brands such as Gucci, Cartier, Chanel and Hugo Boss are sold in luxury stores here. Inside, there are private art galleries and very old sculptures and historical artifacts. You can even renew your car from the Ferrari dealer inside. Wynn Macau is a life center. Venetian Macao is another important casino in China. Only the casino’s playground is 47 thousand square meters. 15 thousand ko

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