Italian Mafia Bets about Against the law On the internet Gambling

$ 72,893 is the money I earned when I was 21 years old. Before that, my biggest earning was about 15 thousand dollars on the Internet. After I became a millionaire, I was able to buy a house, a flat, a yacht, nice cars. So I started doing charity work. “

Bertrand Yolki Grospellier (ranked 41 on All Time Money List, $ 11,025,774 in Total Live Income and $ 2,000,000 – best result in live tournaments) said: “When I made a lot of money in poker, I was able to fulfill my dream – traveling the world together mom. He had never thought before that he could visit such places! “

Felipe Ramos (942th on All Time Money List, $ 1,515,237 Total Live Income and $ 100,000 Best Live Event) said: “I became a millionaire thanks to WCOOP. I will never forget this. I was someone before I won and then I was absolutely different. I was able to travel the world freely and buy good things. This is the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. “

Vanessa Selbst (32nd on All-Time Money List, $ 11,843,153 Total Live Income and $ 1,823,430 – the best result in live tournaments) shared the little joys of having big money: “Of course, the life of a millionaire is very different from the life of an ordinary person. And this is not even about luxury. I stopped worrying about the little things – paying bills, car breakdowns, having to buy something for life. I don’t think about it and there is more joy in my life.

But I’m not just thinking about myself. I founded a charitable foundation that helps wrongful convicts. And I think that’s the best thing my money has brought. Now that I am playing, I want to win not only for myself but also for others. “

Chris Moneymaker (274th on All Time Money List, $ 3,647,547 Total Live Income and $ 2,500,000 – best result in live tournaments) also likes to help: “As soon as I started winning poker, I contacted charities and donate some of the money. Our whole family really wants to build a shelter for homeless animals. This will bring us much more joy than having expensive things. So, for example, it was with a convertible that I have dreamed of all my life. I drove in the spring and summer. And then I forgot about it. Now I want to sell this money to help the unfortunate animals. “

Room Poker stars made millions of poker professionals and amateurs. Mostly amateurs win in the highest multiplier Spin & Go tournaments. And this game that brings in millions is radically changing the lifestyle of the winners.

Recently the festive Sunday Million champion became a millionaire. Opening soon will enrich the winners of the two tournaments in seven figures. As you can see, there are many opportunities to win a million dollars on PokerStars.

Poker is one of the card games that stands out with its big wins. After all, even those who are far from the world of gambling have heard of the multi-million dollar cash prize that players receive in the framework of their big tournament series.

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