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The biggest pleasures, hobbies and reason for coming to Cyprus are the wives of the incoming officers and especially the retired soldiers with an increase that hit the ceiling after their retirement …

Knowing that 99% of people gambling lost in total, we spent most of our vacation in cyprus casinos last week. Although I haven’t bet on legal and illegal media for 10 years and lost the world (I haven’t played for 1 year because I promised my wife, but I still feel like I see odds somewhere), the excitement of the casino is different.

First of all, I will tell about what we experienced last week. We stayed in acapulco with 2 couples and one more friend. the casino here is quite small. The other members of the group do not even bet on roulette or anything. therefore we were cautious.

* The first two nights we stuck here and saw the environment. we won one and two lost in stupid games on machines.

* machines are entered with at least 10 lira. There are a few more coin-operated machines for nostalgia, but these are entered with 50 lira. Even though the constantly falling tokens make people feel “I win too”, we could not earn even 1 lira for a week.

* You can play at least $ 1 on the roulette table on weekdays and $ 2 on the weekend. You can also play in TL, of course, cash desks also act as exchange offices.

* For blackjack, the range of 15-25 dollars applies. We haven’t played poker at all, or even watched it, so I don’t know the bet amount. These figures were valid for cratos, rocks and acapulco.

* At the end of the first two days, we went to the center of Kyrenia. Here, when we entered the harbor and the dome casino, we left. There was an incredible gloom in the harbor casino. In the dome, it is a complete coffee house atmosphere.

* We breathed in the rocks. His decency is evident even before he walks through the door. After registering at the entrance, you step inside.

* Compared to cratos and acapulco, their service quality is much better. pretty fast. You can ask for cigarettes, drinks, fruits, snacks, chocolate, sandwiches, toast, even honey milk, they bring them all in accordance with the brand you want. These are common in all casinos, of course, but speed has been the rock that satisfies us most.

* My wife, the luckiest member of the group, found a game called Dugu, rome & egypt on the machine and won there first. Earlier, he had won a fair amount of money on action money and black & white jackpot machines at our hotel. Then we went to the table and the same chance continued in roulette. The big emphasis would be on the roulette table when we come back here while waiting for our plane.

* We left the rocks and took a taxi to Cratos at around 02:00, there was almost no place to step inside. it has a really amazing ambiance. They issue you cards and you can enter the machines by loading a minimum of 50 lira. Luck was on our side here as well, and my wife was still winning at the machine roulette.

* but there were some who were more fortunate than us, of course. Nihat coffee maker and his family playing champagne and their family found the jackpot and won 10,000-odd Turkish lira. More surprising than that, the day we go, an old man playing the same game on the rocks wins the same amount. My friend’s brother also won 2.000 lira with a minimum bet in the same game last year, we said luck when he told this, but witnessing 3 different stories of the same game made us think “it might be a good idea to play on champagne machines”. but we didn’t play 🙂

As a result, we returned to ankara by deducting our free-shop expenses without spending money from the budget we allocated. Other members of the group were unfortunately not as lucky as us.

* They can withdraw from your credit card and give you cash without any commission. If you don’t have cash with you, my advice is, withdraw your daily budget in cash and never take your credit card out of your pocket again.

* Do not deceive yourself with lies such as “I feel like my luck has turned, I am very lucky today, I will surely win more”.

* Play without worrying about the consequences, ignoring that the chances of winning a small amount of money are difficult, and that the possibility of losing a large amount is high.

– If you say you’re going to play the merit crystal coveda because it is the only place in its casino that has an open buffet and it tastes great.

-Not to win, to afford to lose and go to have fun, go with your friends, because you can get bored as you play and lose, you may need to rest occasionally and watch your friends.

But the game I played did not go beyond spending 20-30 lira of tokens on armed machines. Ideal for a little confusion if you stay the way I do. But if you take it to the gambling aspect, there is a big risk.

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