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Something you don’t want to be seen by everyone, or keep it in your profile or keep themselves. Since it shows that you are aware of the importance of online security, it may be in your favor to the recruitment authorities that can see it as a wisely move.

The answer to this is simple: Yes. You ask why? The truth would like to know you. Recruiting authorities want to see beyond CV. Thanks to the websites such as Facebook and Twitter, a recruitment authority can see your views on what types of activities, who followed what kind of activities, who are followed, who follows you, the use of language, or even current developments. They do this to understand whether your personal brand is compatible with the companies and values.

This is an excellent opportunity to clean your profile. Because a recruitment authority hires one of the inappropriate tweets in the Twitter account, it is important that you have a very low chance of your social media accounts, and make sure that the information here is appropriate to work.

Over 14.4 million people are looking for work on social media platforms; This figure reveals the increasing prevalence and importance of social media. This means that your online presence can be vital as it helps you find a job.

However, if you are looking for a job or already, the spread of what you typed on social media may be valuable. You can announce your name as one of your industry’s important sounds. By sharing articles and information and discussing with effective names, you can start to name yourself as someone is worth listening to the promise.

By putting messages on the forums, discussion boards, you can even enter the recruitment authorities by typing comments on business-related books over Amazon. Read away (or dislikes) a comment on Amazon when you buy a book (or disliked). All of these will be able to enlarge and improve your online presence and contribute to the correct people to realize.

By following the leaders of the CEOs, managers and the other name of the business world, you can continuously keep the prime of the latest trends in your field.

TIZO: Make sure your social media profile is open to everyone and your tweets are professional, informative and engaging. This way you earn more followers.

In the case of exhibiting your own personal brand, social media is an extremely powerful tool. It improves your career and is important in positioning yourself as a leading or effective name in a sector.

So what exactly is the personal brand? You are marketing yourself or your career as a brand. Or briefly is your reputation. Well but why is this important? More people are now relying on people than brands. By creating a personal brand, you can also eliminate all-made advertising and sales that target audiences began to be tired of it. With your original ideas and individual perspective, you will be a sound that is welcomed in an area of ​​blocking otherwise.

TIZO: Are you interested in a particular position? Check LinkedIn for people found in the same position. Then follow these contacts on Twitter for special insights.

While creating a personal brand is the most important issue to be considered, being consistent is to properly filter your profile and to be frequently in contact with your target audience.

YouTube is a great place to show your personal brand. You can create videos in every title you are interested in. For example, if the digital marketing is one of the subjects you are passionate, you can share your information with YouTube videos, you can answer the comments, take questions and help your audience.

Some time, you can only improve your profile with a few small plays. This spring cleaning does not take more than you have more than 15 minutes and with these simple steps, you also strengthen your presence in social media. To ensure that everything is as you wish, repeat this in 6 months.

Call your name and last name on Google in quotes. If you have a commonly used name, you can add the city name, the company you are working or the school you go.

Make a call using your usernames on social media. Check everything. Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Start correcting what you find. Maybe once you’ve put an embarrassing content to somewhere. Maybe you have mature since you create your account. Log in and delete. Google and Facebook allows you to lift their contents on your own. If you want to start all over everything, all you have to do is delete your old account and create a new account.

If you come into the information you can not delete or change, a solution is to create a greater number of good content than bad content. Add articles, contribute to online discussions, sharing valuable content online pr

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