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Thus, the director of the film, the Saura, the realization of the line with the actual imagination draws the attention of the audience to the attention of the audience itself very much. As seen, it is always possible to find new forms of history telling. Photo of 2.16 Carlos Saura’s Carmen film. In this film, the director draws the line between the fact and the discharge of the disagreement, the attention of the audience is very described in the story itself.

Summary, it can be considered as classic, modern and postmodern narrations from the openings of styles and structures. The classical narrative of these is called the narrative as the result. A classical narrative includes dramatic structures such as the character, roof and incident braid. Classic narratives create reality impression in the audience. Although the form of the incident braid is very determinant, the events are added to each other and the result of the results between events are very strong. This situation is to protect the continuity of time, space and action in fact. Often events turn around a character. Base characters are more superficial reflected and while the history of the film is not covering a lot of space; It is the most detached in the entire film. The character is in three dimensions, spiritual, social and physical. In the movies, it can be floated into many roofs that they enter into the characters. Roofings can be different types in the interior and disruption. Modern narrative traditions have occurred as a result of the efforts to find more free narrative amenities in the industry’s requirements. Modern narratives require the fact that the audience falls as a filming, as well as in the event of both the narration in the events of the film, as well as in the events of the film. Postmodern narrators are used in combination of different types of differences, previously taken from the films, and modern narrations are serious. Instead of the actor of cinema, the actor of the art, the copycat is the prestigious movies. Although the formation of the narrative form of such films is different, they also have the common features in the general communication. In some films, it is possible to come across all of these features in some films. In post-modern narratures, new narrative methods such as Özdüflürülüklility, texts, receiving and collage are carflat.

Q> Nayal> m 1. What is the form of telling a story in the cinema? a. Narrate> b. Scenaria c. Stories d. The story e. The shooting scenario 2. The hypla¤> Devices in the cinema in the cinema at the end of the story is the case of blood? a. Shooting b. Narrate> c. Dialogue d. Text e. Movie history 3. Which of the statements of a classic narrative> is correct? a. Understanding, characters, roofs of the incident, the result of the result, the result of the result. Classic narrative is not the importance of the incident braid. c. Classical narrative collage studies give importance. D. What will be the audience ‘after classic narratives? ” she does not consider. to. Events and caused interconnect with the relationship association. 4. Which of the documents is not one of the decisive properties of the film’s character during the first periods of the cineman? a. Represent social values.

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