May well be a good period to purchase dream home, mortgage loan rates coming upward

In this system, students also have intense interest in this system, students will be able to convert the grade of the letters within the successful / unsuccessful system, within the beginning of the 7th July and 14 September 2020 after seeing the letters notes.

The television screens that bring the world to our feet continue to be indispensable to this period in which our days are at home. No need for gripping arrays, movies; It is not to be understood how the artists we are and their fans are going to have the concerts.

The recent years of creative contents is considered a considerable increase, televisions are no longer only the film, series, games or competitions. Many channels in YouTube; It offers content that allows us to visit the world-famous museums, cities and historical structures 360 degrees or 4K options in virtual environment.

Especially the channel, which provides the popular locations and views of Europe with 4K choices, shares the Louvre Museum trip in Paris as two parts. It is possible to visit the world famous parks in the channel.

Prowalk Tours, who shared the stunning sights in virtual sightseeing with the drone shots around the world, the ancient city of Paestum Tours is located in the south of Italy, the Cairo Egyptian Museum and Keops Ship 4K / 60 FPS option to travel in virtual environment. You can visit Venice the famous city of Italy in the channel.

Youtube channel offering the first person camera format with 4K quality; Washington offers the possibility of experiencing the Nature History Museum and the Central Train Skill. The dupont region of the city of Washington can also be visited by the virtual bike tour.

The Youtube Channel belonging to the Mustian Museum located in Philadelphia physicians College; Interesting information belonging to the history of medicine offers audiences as short videos through museum instructors and academics. In the channel, you can also visit the meter Museum in the guidance of the curator Anna Dhody.

The first person is on the channel that publishes high quality from the camera; Kasuga-Taisha in Japan, Kyoto Royal Palace, the capital of Mongolia, you can visit Ulanbatur on foot. The contents of the channel can also participate in the British Museum in London and the Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi.

Endeavor youth entrepreneurship program is entering its fifth year, Akbank partnered by Turkey casecampus new era began references. Casecampus Bootcamp Live, which will be completely online due to Covid-19 this year, will support online publication and content of 75 young people.

This year, the CaseCampus Bootcamp Live will take place online between 6-9 June, preparing to bring the 75-teenage entrepreneurship with the world. The four-day program, the selected participants, entrepreneurship and innovation workshops, Turkey’s leading entrepreneurs and investors for the first time this year with panels and networking sessions, case studies and entrepreneurship will offer a completely online environment. In this way, participants will be able to make the world of interference and make the chance to maturize their interference ideas.

In the first six semesters, 412 graduates in the first six periods of Casecampus, interested in entrepreneurship, university 3./4. The Grade License or Graduate Student Calls Applicants under 30 years of age graduated in the last 5 years.

Applications for all young people interested in entrepreneurship in Turkey until Monday, May 18 through will be accepted online. The program supported by Akbank will be available free of 75 participants programs to be selected.

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